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Who Are We?

As a hair transplantation center, the basis of our service policy is to provide our patients' dreams by making quality, problem-free hair transplants. After the operation, patient's satisfaction will please us more than the patient. In this context, we are performing hair transplant operations with great care and with our experienced team...

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Turkuaz Estetik Center

Perfect results with FUE technique

Roots taken with 0,7-1 mm micromotor tips are planted in a sparse or open area. An average of 2,500-3,500 hair grafts can be planted in the open area. This process takes between 6-8 hours. Hair transplanted with the FUE method begins to grow in a short time and do not fall out

Power of the PRP Treatment

PRP technology is extremely effective in hair treatments, especially against hair loss. Now, PRP Supported Hair Transplantation method is an extremely useful technique during hair transplantation. The roots taken during hair transplantation are kept in a special liquid with PRP for transplantation, thus contributing to maintaining their vitality.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Aesthetic Appearance is one of the most important issues that people, especially women, care about. The amount of eyebrow that decreases over time can be restored with the difference of the Turkuaz Estetik Center.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile, in other words, by emphasizing our smile, which is the most important part of our Hollywood Smile image, will increase your self-confidence with your face and perfect smile with the aesthetics made by Turkuaz Aesthetics.

Beard Transplantation

For beard transplantation, you don't need to have trouble with your beard. If you want to give your beard a different shape, you can do it again with beard cultivation. Covering wounds, burns and surgery marks is very easy with beard transplantation.

Obesity Surgery

Calculating one’s BMI is one of the initial steps in the journey toward losing weight. By determining BMI, individuals can honestly establish if they suffer from obesity or morbid obesity. Those who suffer from morbid obesity may be appropriate candidates for bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass, gastric banding surgery with the Lap Band or sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Although BMI is just one of many factors used to establish if someone is a suitable weight loss surgery candidate, it is an integral factor in determining candidacy.

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Obesity Surgery

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Our Medical Team

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Doç. Dr. Bora Koç

Obesity and metabolic surgery

Dt. Mehmet Büdüş


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